The future of finance will be digital, connected and decentralized. We believe in a simpler way of financing than there is today.

Everything will be tokenized and connected by blockchain networks in the future. In consequence, the total available market for asset financing of Real World Assets (RWA) holds potential in massive scale.

For DeFi to cross the chasm between early adopters, speculators and the mainstream, Real World Assets need to be tokenized and made available to be used as productive assets.


time for token

Tokenfabrik enables digital investments by connecting investors and asset originators.

Asset originator

An asset originator wants to purchase and operate a new Real World Asset (RWA) and needs to finance it. Instead of taking a bank loan the operator can finance this asset through a crypto-based financing solution.



Through the tokenization process of Tokenfabrik, tokens are created and linked to the value of the Real World Asset (RWA). Connections via smart contracts allow for usage-based billing of the underlying asset.



An investor can buy and sell individual tokens that represent Real Word Assets. For each token, the investor receives a usage-based return on the investment.




  • Creating a digital, simplified and trusted way to connect asset originators and investors.
  • Accessing asset financing for asset oriniators by investments through CeFi and DeFi.
  • Enabling new yield opportunities through Real World Asset investments.

At least: Tokenfabrik believes in a simpler way of business.

Our Real World Asset financing method in the press.

"Börse Stuttgart, Daimler and Bosch are working on a new blockchain - based financing method..."

"Börse Stuttgart enables digital innovation: Project with Daimler and Bosch - blockchain-based financing models - tokenization of assets..."


"Trading capital goods directly on the stock exchange: Blockchain project at Börse Stuttgart with Daimler, Bosch and a fintech company"



We believe that the future of finance and investment is digital and decentralized.

At Tokenfabrik, we develop and operate DLT-based investment services, by creating reliable and accessible financing processes. In addition, we are initiating one of the leading Decentralized Asset Financing Protocol for Real World Assets that enables simple and transparent asset financing.


Dipl.-Ing. Jochen Kassberger


Dipl.-Ing. Dimitrios Chatzianagnostou


Chris Bruppacher




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